Hello I am Emma Fish

About the Artist

I am an Australian artist who moved to British Columbia, Canada in 2016.               

Little did I know that what I thought would be a six month journey would change my life forever. This beautiful land  captivated me. There are endless adventures to be had here and I fell in love with the lifestyle. I now call the West Coast of Canada home.  

In the winter you will find me at the snow fields and the summers hiding in the trails or by the water.  I am a snowboard instructor, as well as an instructor course conductor so I get the privilege of meeting and riding with lots of very interesting people every day. 


I am constantly amazed by how the landscape changes from season to season so drastically. It is these changes which is captured in my collections. 

Canada’s vibrant landscapes and raw nature are constant sources of inspiration. I create colourful pieces that help you see places, people, and things in a way you haven’t before. The colours are the symphony, each playing their own part, but working in harmony.  I hope my art inspires you. 



All of our products are made with the most sustainable materials available without compromising the quality.  We minimize waist wherever possible, we use recycled materials whenever possible and we try to minimize the use of plastic when possible.

We create sustainable art, homewares and greeting cards for all occasions.